Akimi Retained In Real Madrid Till 2023

Akimi Retained In Real Madrid
Akimi In Action For Dortumond.

Akimi has a contract with Real Madrid until June 30, 2023 . The white club has secured the competition for the Moroccan winger, one of the most sought-after at the moment. Madrid managers and technicians know that in the Borussia Dortmund holder they have a side for the next ten years and with the signed contract they ensure that the Madrid squad will continue in the white club. 

Many teams of the so-called greats have thought of Akimi as a possible reinforcement, starting with Bayern and continuing with Juventus, but they have found the reality of a contract that ends within three seasons with Real Madrid and that every possible agreement passes for a negotiation with the leaders of the white club, an end that now seems ruled out.

Real Madrid knows he is  a major player and therefore wanted to ensure competition for three more season. The circumstances and the wishes of one and the other will mark the future of Achraf, but the truth is that Real Madrid has him, hence that contract that ends on June 30, 2023 .

Akimi has become one of the sensations of European football since he arrived in Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2018, although his price has soared in the last season. The transfer to the German team ends on June 30 and at Real Madrid they know they have one of the jewels on the market and they have it at zero cost and with an important cancellation clause.

His time in Germany has helped him gain experience and expand his playing skills, since in addition to stepping on the right side, he has played on the opposite side, in front of the side and even in the center of the field behind the ends . To the power and speed that was known, it has added more vision of the game and much danger when it comes to stepping on the opposite area. 

A Zinedine Zidane likes the game Achraf, as demonstrated it was the technician who made debut in First. The now Borussia Dortmund winger has always been very close to the Zidane family, especially with Luca , Racing Santander’s goalkeeper .

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