Arsenal Boss Arteta The Rightful Artiste For the Job

A Review On The Arsenal Manager By Correspondent April Will.

Arsenal boss Arteta The Rightful Artiste for the Job
Arsenal Manager,Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal boss short reign in the dugout did look promising,until the break caused by the pandemic halt the strides.He,Arteta was actually the first sportsman to Contract the virus in United Kingdom.

Arsenal is well known for its attacking football,they are always magical with the ball,but winning the league always seem to be far from their reach.

Arsenal wenger did deliver the last league  title for the club back in 2004 ,with the famous invincibles and since then champions league qualification always looked like their primary objective.

After so many years of no premier league title ,the Arsenal board and wenger did decide to bring the curtain down to a long lasting bond.

The pursuit for a new manager didn’t take that long as Arsenal did announce the signing of Unai Emery,right after wenger’s last speech to the arsenal fans.It did look like a match made in heaven.

Unai Emery did look like the right man for the job with his track record of winning back to back Europa league titles and league title with Sevilla and PSG respectively.

Expectations did engage realization and Unai Emery team just looked like the old Arsenal team,very eye-catching to watch and also very easy to catch on the break.

Little long the fans started to air their frustration in his second stint ,pundits questioned the character of his team just like in the past.

Unai Emery seemed confused,as pressure started to mount on him,he did put star players out of the team and blamed them for not playing for the team.

His stint with the club was cut short and caretaker Ljungberg didn’t seem promising in his short spell.The Arsenal board finally decided to appoint one of their own ,Mikel Arteta who apprenticed under Pep Guardiola.

During his Playing days ,Mikel Arteta did exhibit that aura of leadership,it was just a question of transferring it as a teacher as opposed to a student.

Since he took the reign Arsenal have regained that balance between attack and defence,his team now possess that grit and resilience to top up their attacking  flair.It seems to early to rate his team ,but one thing that seems imminent is that his team will put their body on the line to see out games.Mikel Arteta will definitely create fun fighters in Arsenal.

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