Belgian FA Tells UEFA We Won’t See Of League

Belgian FA has told UEFA it will not be forced into completing its league amid the coronavirus health crisis despite a threat of expulsion from European competitions.


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Belgian FA called on European football’s governing body to take a “variable approach” in order to achieve Solidarity within European football.

The Belgian FA (URBSFA) and the Pro League recommended on Thursdaythat the season should be ended prematurely amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the current standings being treated as the final results, which would see Club Brugge crowned champions.

That recommendation was expected to be passed at a general assembly meeting on April 15, but later on Thursday UEFA urged European leagues not to “abandon” their seasons as they eye a July resumption, and threatened the punishment of a ban from European competition next season for those who take such measures.Belgium’s Pro League released a statement on Friday revealing it had just held an hour-plus conference call with the URBSFA and UEFA.

The statement read: “A remote meeting was held for more than an hour this Friday morning between UEFA, RBFA and the Pro League.

“This constructive meeting allowed Belgian football leaders to explain in detail the health and economic reasons for the recommendation issued yesterday by the Board of Directors – and to challenge any approach that would consist of forcing a league to continue its competition in the current state of the health crisis under threat of not being able to participate in European competitions next season.

“In favour of solidarity within European football, our representatives called for a variable approach to this concept which makes it possible to take into account both the specificities of each league.

“A new meeting between the same parties will be scheduled within a week.”

“As responsible leaders in our sport, this is what we must ensure, until the last possibility exists and whilst planning, operational and regulatory solutions are available.

“We are confident that football can restart in the months to come – with conditions that will be dictated by public authorities – and believe that any decision of abandoning domestic competitions is, at this stage, premature and unjustified.”

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