Benefits Of Marketing The Nigeria professional Football League

Benefits Of Marketing The Nigerian professional football league
Benefits of Marketing The Nigerian professional football league

The Nigerian  professional football league is still on hold owing to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, while we await the reopening of the league we will take a slight look on how to better the finances going into the Nigerian professional football league.

There is a new enforcement regime for our domestic league as they must have a minimum of N200m in their account to show they can take care of their players.This enforcement will definitely delay league resumption because of the league low financial status.

Unlike other leagues in the world who generate a lot of income from football television rights and and other huge club sponsorship deals not excluding match tickets revenue ,the Nigerian professional football league is wanting in this regard.

To improve the league financial status the NPFL need to privatize clubs to individuals who are business oriented, this will make the owners to splash cash to make profit,they will have to acquire high quality players that will attract huge number of fans to watch football matches ,when this is done ,the standard of the league will improve and television right will improve immensely too.

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