Chile suspends women’s and youth tournaments and waits to decide on the League


The National Association of Professional Soccer (ANFP) of Chile reported on Tuesday that it suspends the women’s league and youth tournaments until August , and will keep the future of the professional men’s league pending at the expense of the decisions of the health authority on the coronavirus.

Through a statement, the ANFP announced the postponement and indicated that from this moment on a new calendar will be worked from August and formats that adjust to the remaining months of the year.

This determination does not involve professional (male) leagues, which will be rescheduled to the extent that the country’s health situationallows, taking into account the indications of the authority and that there is no risk for those who participate in football,” they indicated.

In this sense, the Chilean tournament was paralyzed as a result of the advance of the coronavirus in Chile, where 2,738 positive cases and 12 deaths have already been counted since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed on March 3.

The first division reached the eighth round, with the Catholic University as the solo leader with 19 points, followed by Unión La Calera and Curicó Unido , both three whole points below.

In another subsequent statement, the ANFP assured that its desire is “to be able to resume professional leagues when the health authority so indicates.”

For this they announced that they will launch a multidisciplinary commission to develop a plan that considers the variables for the “adequate return to soccer.”

Soccer is paralyzed almost everywhere in the world , with local tournaments suspended and international club competitions postponed, as well as qualifying rounds for the Qatar World Cup 2020 or the Copa América and the Euro Cup scheduled for June this year.

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