Coronavirus: FAZ directs Zambian clubs to suspend training activities



The federation’s move comes after the government issued a raft of measures to help restrain the spread of Covid 19

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has moved to suspend all training activities by the clubs as a preventive measure to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The FAZ move is in accordance with the directive given by the government as they fight to ensure Covid-19 does not spread further.

“Following measures announced by Republican President H.E Edgar Chagwa Lungu around the response to the Covid-19 threat, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) wishes to advise clubs to ensure that they take steps to help towards combating the pandemic,” the federation said in a statement on their Facebook page.

FAZ general-secretary Adrian Kashala defended the move which he says will help especially in social distancing, which has been explained as one of the better measures to curb the infection.

“In the spirit of the very instructive pronouncements made by H.E President [Edgar] Lungu, who is also FAZ patron, we expect that our members should take the front seat in combating the coronavirus threat,” Kashala said in the same statement.

“The pandemic thrives in crowded places and therefore we expect clubs will be able to take measures that will guarantee the health of players, technical staff and other stakeholders.

“We urge people to observe etiquettes like hand washing, not touching one’s face, physical distance and staying home if not feeling well.”

The FA, however, did not give a tentative date when the league actions are supposed to resume following the suspension.

“The FAZ will advise the members once the situation allows for the resumption of normal business,” the statement continued to read.

“During this period everyone is encouraged to observe the measures prescribed by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization in fighting the coronavirus.”

FAZ also explained how their members of staff will continue with their normal work during the lockdown periods. It also urged players to take advantage of technology and see they remain fit until when Super Divison and other competition matches resumes

“Most of the members of staff have been advised to take a break and work from home while only the critical employees during this period will operate from Football House,” the federation added.

FAZ has also decided to reduce the number of members of staff reporting for workdays as part of a direct response to the Covid-19 threat.

“Meantime players are encouraged to embrace technological tools in engaging in training at an individual level and ensure that they keep fit,” the statement concluded.

The Super Division was halted as it was about to reach matchday 26.

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