Coronavirus: Jordaan sees doom and gloom for African clubs and players


The Caf vice-president has predicted difficult times for clubs who rely on selling players for income

South Africa Football Association (Safa) president Danny Jordaan says that many African clubs will lose revenue because of player transfer uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With most football leagues around the world currently on hold, the opening of the next transfer window remains unknown.

This throws under doubt the survival of clubs who survive on selling players to Europe, as the coronavirus threaten to weigh heavily on African teams.

Over the years, there has also been massive player movement between North Africa and the Middle East, but now transfer business is likely to be disrupted.

“So Fifa will have to look at these things. Also, when there’s no new transfer window decided, it creates uncertainty because most African clubs make their revenue through the transfer of players and it means that revenue will be lost,” said Jordaan as per Sun Sport.

“It’s the same here in South Africa, we saw the team at the bottom of the log sell their best players to get the revenue. So therefore, the transfer window is going to affect all who are in Europe and our local-based players.”

Jordaan feels that not only local-based African players would be hit hard by being denied opportunities to play abroad by the coronavirus, but players already plying their trade in Europe as well.

Most players face an uncertain future especially those with contracts due to expire in June.

The Safa boss has cited Nigeria as an example in potentially becoming the worst affected country with the highest number of players playing abroad.

“And what’s happening now, is that if you look at Nigeria, they have 829 players playing outside the country,” continued Jordaan.

“Other African countries as well have many players in Europe, especially West African countries.

“Do they come back home to Africa or they stay in Europe where the Covid-19 is causing serious havoc?

“We see in the news and we are updated as to what is happening and the increasing numbers daily.”

Already, some clubs are proposing salary cuts for players with Swiss side Sion sacking nine players, including five African footballers, for refusing to have their wages downwardly reviewed.

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