F1 2020 Could Possibly Start Behind Close Doors


F1 2020 Could Possibly Start Behind Close Doors.

F1 2020 plans and hope offered by Ross Brawn.F1’s managing director of motorsports was one of two high-profile guests for Episode 5. of  Vodcast, along with McLaren boss Zak Brown, with the pair joining Sky F1’s Martin Brundle and Simon Lazenby for an in-depth chat.

One of the main topics up for discussion – in a bumper 50-minute show – with Brawn was when, and how, F1 2020 were planning to start their season after the first nine races of the season were called off because of coronavirus.

Although the French GP is currently scheduled for June 28, Brawn explained a July start now looks more likely – and he was adamant F1 could still fit in all but three of its planned races if that was the case.

“If we were to start at the beginning of July, we could do a 19-race season,” he said. “It’s tough, three races on, weekend off, three races on, weekend off – but we’ve looked at all the logistics.”

Brawn, who again confirmed shortened weekends could be introduced, also admitted travel was going to be one of the “big issues” with the sport but it could become “self-contained” once at an event – with a first-ever F1 race behind closed doors a possibility.

“Our view is that probably a European start would be favourable, and that could even be a closed event,” he stated. “We could have a very closed environment where teams come in on charter [planes], we channel them into the circuit, we make sure everyone’s tested, cleared, there’s no risk to everyone and we have a race without spectators.

“That’s not great, but I think it’s still better than no racing at all.”

Brawn added F1 2020 races would help “keep the sport alive” while also giving millions of fans at home a “huge boost”, but was also adamant nobody would be put at risk by starting the championship.

Racing into January is also an option for F1,

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