Real Madrid Players And Staff Agree To Pay Cut

Real Madrid Players And Staff Agree To Pay Cut
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Real Madrid have announced that players and coaches have agreed to take pay cuts between 10 and 20 per cent while the season remains suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The negotiation, carried out between the captains, with Sergio Ramos at the head, and José Ángel Sánchez, General Director , have led to a meeting point that is appreciated from the club, since he will take advantage of this resignation so that the salaries of the employees are not affected.

Madrid began to contact representatives of the dressing room at the end of last week to prepare the ground for a negotiation that has been carried out from the full knowledge of the exceptional situation that society in general and soccer and Madrid are experiencing in particular. The white club has seen all income cut due to the halt of all acitivity, not only sports, but advertising, marketing, merchandising, museum … Million-dollar losses that will be offset by a reduction in players has been dilating until it has become deferrable.

Despite the fact that some voice like Toni Kroos spoke out against this reduction (the German declared yesterday: “I am in favor of paying the full salary and everyone doing sensible things with him. A reduction in salary is like a donation in vain “), the players were always working to reach an agreement , although the initial figures of the squad were below that 10%.

Real Madrid Coach had a video call with his players last week ,he did stress on the need to be mentally strong during this period of lockdown,he also had some refreshing jokes with his players.The club did give out its stadium to NHS as an isolation camp to aid in the fight against the Coronavirus .

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