Serie A Agrees To Players Pay Cut If Lockdown Continues.


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The Serie A League approved, in a video assembly organized this Monday, a reduction in the salary of footballers by one third in the case that the 2019-2020 season is permanently abandoned and a sixth if the competition will resume after the coronavirus pandemic .

The decision was unanimously approved by the presidents of the Serie A clubs at this Monday’s meeting and was necessary “to save the future of the country’s soccer system,” which faces losses that may touch one billion euros, The Serie A League reported in an official statement.

“The losses should be contained with a reduction in expenses, whose main weight for the clubs is represented by the salaries of the players. The Serie A League unanimously approved this Monday, except for Juventus, which has already reached an agreement with its players, a common line to contain the impact of the salaries of players, coaches and managers, “reads the official note.

“A reduction of one third of the total gross annual salary is foreseen, that is, four months, in the event that sports activity cannot be resumed, and a reduction of one sixth of the total annual salary if they can be disputed in the next months the remaining games of the 2019-2020 course “, he added.

“The clubs will directly define the agreements with their players,” concludes the long note from the Serie A League, chaired by Paolo Dal Pino.

This decision does not affect Juventus Turin, which was the first club to reach, two weeks ago, a private agreement with its staff not to pay the salary of the months of March, April, May and June.

The Serie A League also reiterated its will to end this season, which was interrupted on March 26 on day 26, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, which has already caused more than 15,000 deaths in the country.

The league proposed cutting annual wages by one third – or four months’ salary – if Serie A was unable to resume and by one sixth – two months’ salary – if it was able to restart, with each club having to negotiate the individual cuts with their players.

Nineteen of Serie A’s 20 clubs voted for the recommendation while Italian champions Juventus abstained, having already reached a separate agreement with their players.

The Italian football players association has not yet signed off on the deal.

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