SUAREZ: The Second Biting Incident

Suarez’s second biting incident

Suarez:On This Day In 2013, 26-year-old Liverpool striker Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz made headlines for biting Branislav Ivanović in a Premier game between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield. The incident was not noticed by the match officials, and the Uruguayan international scored an equaliser in injury time to secure a 2-2 draw for the Reds. The bite prompted the then UK Prime Minister David Cameron to call on the FA to take a hard line with Suárez; the FA charged him with violent conduct and he was fined an undisclosed sum by his club. A three-man independent panel appointed by the FA decided on a ten-game ban for Suárez, who did not appeal the ban. Contrary to claims from Suárez, Ivanović did not accept an apology. This was the second time Suárez had bitten an opponent in his entire career. Due to the 10-game ban handed to him by the FA which made it impossible for Suarez to play the remaining matches of the 2012/2013 season, he still managed to finish as Liverpool’s top scorer with 30 goals in 44 games.

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