The handball will have ascents and descents, although the competitions are not completed


Francisco Blázquez, president of the Spanish Handball Federation , assured this Thursday that the objective is to “try to finish all competitions” but that even if they cannot be concluded, the idea is for him to have “promotions and descents” because are in full development.

“The objective that we set ourselves in the last board of directors is to try to finish all the competitions, but we also know that the competition will have developed and that it will have promotions and descents, the only thing left to know is what scenario we are going to find and if we are going to be able to give more continuity to the competition or if we are going to have to paralyze it. In all those lines we are going to work, “he said in a message broadcast on the Federation’s social networks.

“We do not know the moment in which we are going to be able to return to a normal situation or do a sports activity, as well as the situations that are going to occur tomorrow; hence the complex nature of the scenario we are experiencing,” he added.

“We will look for the most coherent option for everyone, which will mark the time it takes us to go back to normal and then we will make the appropriate decisions,” he concluded.

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