The Premier League Renews Due To The Outbreak

The Premier meets with several options: parties in China, indefinite break, closed door, wage cuts ...

The Premier League Trophy
The Premier League

The 20 Premier League clubs, the English Football League, which groups the teams of Championship (Second), League One (Third) and League Two (fourth), the PFA (Association of Professional Players), with the supervision of the FA (Football Assoaciation) and the British Government will meet online today to decide what will happen to ‘football’ in a scenario in which competitions are suspended, at least, until April 30. The advancement of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom has caused the Premier to study various options to see how to finish the championship.

According to the ‘BBC’, the English clubs have assumed that the restart date of April 30 will be delayed in the face of the existing health emergency . According to the media, the Premier could change the date back to May as the Bundesliga … or postpone it indefinitely as LaLiga, Serie A or Ligue 1, waiting for the authorities to give the green light to the ball to return to roll. What almost everyone takes for granted is that you will have to play behind closed doors.

In addition, according to ‘The Athletic’, the Premier shuffles several options on where to play the nine remaining days. According to the English media, China, where the pandemic has subsided, would be one of the places studied by the Premier to finish the championship, although the closure of borders and the two-week quarantine upon arrival would be two major obstacles. Other media such as the ‘Daily Mail’ , the Mirror or the Independentaimed at a ‘World-style’ finale with all the clubs, referees, managers, families … concentrated and isolated in hotels in the center of England or in London leaving only of them to train and play.A great television event that would ‘save’ part of the millionaire television contract and avoid contagions. And in this situation, the training grounds, with the FA’s St George’s Park National Football Center as headquarters, would be a safer place than stadiums to play.The postponement of soccer players’ wages is also another hot topic. “The proposal is an option to help clubs facing financial difficulties during the coronavirus crisis. In addition, the PFA will ask the clubs if salary deferrals are warranted. The PFA has urged clubs to involve the union in looking for a collective approach. But there are also reservations from various clubs that feel they have been more careful with their finances and do not want to be forced into a generic agreement, “said the ‘BBC’. Clubs like Leeds or Birmingham and coaches like Eddie Howe or Graham Potter have already taken this measure that would avoid cuts in club staff, as has happened at Tottenham .”Given the sacrifices that many people are making, the first thing that Premier footballers can do is make a contribution by reducing their wages during the pandemic,” said Health Secretary Matt Hancock. The Premier Football Association and the players are willing to cut back, although they agreed ¬†that the “financial burden” must be “shared”, not exclusive to the players.

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