“This is not a joke, that people do not go out, their lives are going”


Doctor Ángel Charte should be traveling the world with the MotoGP World Championship these days . He is the head of the medical services of the event and instead of attending to pilots he is at the Quirón Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona helping to save lives. All because of the coronavirus.

The doctor pauses to alert, through MARCA, of what he is contemplating each day. “The situation is very worrying, hospitals are collapsedbetween people who have tested positive and those who are suspects. There is a part of the population, over 80 years old, that is suffering the most, but this affects everyone,” he says. .

The doctor makes clear recommendations to the population. “You have to go to the hospital when necessary, when they have a high fever, shortness of breath or a dry cough. But, above all, what you have to do is confinement, that they do not go out, it is the only way to stop this “he indicates.

Charte sees that this problem is harder than some people think. “We are all overwhelmed and highly worried. He who says he is a joke does not know what it says. It is a major disease. The numbers sing. It should be extreme hygiene measures and confined. It is difficult, but we must do. We are in the trench, which is the one that suffers the most, and we see that it is very serious, “he says.

Ángel has lived everything in MotoGP and outside of him in his long career, but nothing like this virus. ” I have not seen a situation as virulent as this, far from it. And I have been practicing since 1979. These are not warning signs, it is reality,” he says.

The doctor seeks to contain himself so as not to criticize harshly people who, despite all the warnings, skip the quarantine and throw themselves into the street as if nothing was happening. ” This is not measured because they have happened to an enlightened What experts say.Epidemiologists Those people endanger the rest Some people have to leave… Police, fire, health, but little People will you Life in it.That they go out as little as possible to the streets, even to walk the dog. There is no other way to stop this, “he proclaims.

Within these troubled times, Charte is very grateful for the spontaneous reaction to applaud the health services that people carry out every day at 20:00 from their balconies. ” This support is totally comfortingand very encouraging,” he concludes.

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