Troy Deeney Airs Premier League Restart Frustration


Troy Deeney Airs Premier League Restart Frustration Troy Deeney Airs frustration as premier league rush to restart season,it was announced yesterday that the premier league will kickstart its training today 19 of May but only in small groups.

But the watford striker is not happy with the decision ,voicing out on podcast that he won’t resume training so as avoid endangering the live of his son who has respiratory problems .

“You have to go to the field with your own clothes, you cannot change there, you cannot take a shower and when you return you do it in the same dirty equipment.”

Troy Deeney also criticized an early return from the Premier , which points to June 12 . “I’m just saying one thing. I can’t cut my hair until mid-July, but I can get into the area with 19 people and jump for a ball . I don’t know how that works. No one can answer those questions, not because you don’t want to. but because they don’t have the information, “he said.


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