Zidane On Video Call With Real Madrid Squad

Zidane 'summons' the entire Real Madrid squad with a video call to make pineapple


Zidane On video call with Real Madrid Squad

Zidane who wanted to encourage his players and take a personal interest in all of them with his initiative.

There has been no room for tactics, only for the human and motivational side. Zidane asked about moods, health and family, in addition to sending a message of unity to a group that, like the other teams, has gone from living together daily to not seeing or training in the last three weeks.

On the screen there has been a mosaic full of faces (similar to the one illustrated by this information), which as you can imagine has generated noise and laughter as the greetings multiplied when the video call started , although logically there has been some connection failure . A ‘meeting’ that surely has helped to brighten up the afternoon for the members of the first squad, a different activity when it is 22 days on Thursday, March 12, in which the squad was summoned in Valdebebas for automatically, and before even his match the next day with Eibar was officially suspended, starting the quarantine for the positive of Thompkins, the player of the basketball section.

Zidane who is already known as a coach of simple and direct messages, has wanted to insist and reinforce the group idea, despite the situation they are experiencing. The messages of unity and encouragement have been the line of the coach’s speech, who with his classic smile and calm has wished health for the entire group and their families.

With no date in sight for the return to training and daily activity, the Madrid coaching staff maintains daily contact through Dupont . Zizou’s fitness coach , who sets up daily workout and meal plans. “You have to live as if you were in Valdebebas”, he has indicated to the players, a message that summarizes the predisposition that they have to face the sessions, although it is not possible to do what most of them like, which is team work.

The majority of the players are fulfilling the plans. Many of them, who also have their own personal physical trainers who complement the work individually, record themselves and show it on social networks, proof that they are trying to maintain physical fitness. Zidane who was concerned about the mood, wanted to cheer on his team in this quarantine with an uncertain ending.

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